Training - Business with China

Our training is not related to coaching. Our speakers are exclusively practicing specialists who do not stuff you with useless theory. Only real cases, only successful moves and… mistakes (not without this in entrepreneurship). With clear numbers, facts and confirmed information.

FREE courses, training, and individual advice on starting and running an existing business with China.

What we will talk about as part of the training:

  • startups
  • trendy business niches
  • is it worth starting a business or not
  • own business with its own brand from A to Z
  • how to get out of the “pique” of the fall
  • how to choose what you need in the ocean of offers of goods and services
  • is it worth becoming an importer of goods from China today
  • the danger of a superficial approach to the business plan
  • why not trust Alibaba and Made in China
  • how and why our Chinese partner is cheating on us
  • partnership in Ukraine – why everything ends badly
  • “black, gray, white” schemes – how to choose your color
  • how to choose the optimal business scale
  • investing in someone else’s business is a gift for scammers
  • management and delegation of business processes
  • equipment from China for our own production – is it worth it or not
  • customs and other obstacles to your business
  • how to make money on logistics from China
  • mediation as a phenomenon – does it have a future

And many other questions…