Collaboration with inventors
Launching projects


“I find out what the world needs. Then I go ahead and try to invent it.”, - Thomas Alva Edison

Evolution of humanity and technology in constant development. Thanks to science, humanity has greatly facilitated its existence.

Many inventions and technological developments are gathering dust on the shelves of their creators, not seeing the light of prospects. We are interested in the development of new technologies and are ready to assist in the implementation of your project. It can be either a modification of an existing device or a completely new invention. Perhaps, for the success of your project, some small part, substance, or additive is missing – we will help you find them, test, and launch the product into mass production.

Our services:

– obtaining a patent

– strategy Development

– miscalculation of cost, budget, and estimated profit

– production of prototypes

– start of serial production

– logistics services


Don’t let your invention remain on paper –  go for it!