OEM Business

Production of goods in China with your brand

ОЕМ Бизнес

OEM - original equipment manufacturer

Production of goods in China with your brand

Entrust the professionals of ChinaGoods with the organization of processes for the production of goods in Chinese factories with your brand, with individual packaging and complete set. Control of all production processes with intermediate checks of compliance, sending to Ukraine by comprehensive door-to-door delivery service.

Product customization

The realities of the Ukrainian market are such that as soon as your product becomes popular and actively begins to be sold, your competitors immediately buy it in China and import it en masse. Moreover, it comes with standard components and design, with limited availability and assortment.

We will help you customize your product to the needs of your client, and import it with your own brand. Your competitors will not be able to find a completely identical product with improved characteristics on the Chinese market. In the end, you only benefit - customers are happy, and competitors are out of work!

Managers of ChinaGoods will assist in the development of products ready for mass production. Our engineers work closely with specialists from Chinese factory laboratories, which allows you to quickly make changes to the design documentation, make and test prototypes of your products. Thus, we bring them to the required parameters and physical properties, which are significantly superior to competitors’ analogs.