River cargo transportation on the Dnieper fell in 2020

For the eighth month in a row, the volume of river cargo transportation along the Dnieper has been decreasing. So, in January-November 2020, this figure decreased by 6.9% compared to the same period in 2019. The total volume of Dnipro cargo transportation during this period amounted to 10.1 million tons, with a total number of ship passages of 10473 voyages – stated on the Facebook page of the Rivers Ukraine Association.

Most of all, the river transportation of grain, which is the most important component of Ukrainian exports, decreased – minus 28.1%. In just 11 months of this year, 3200 thousand tons of grain were transported along the Dnieper.

At the same time, almost all other industries show an increase in river cargo transportation. In particular, metallurgical companies increased river cargo transportation by 9.1% to 1,700 thousand tons. Dnieper transportation of building materials increased by 7.4%, and oil products – by 16%.

What about last year?

If we take the last year, then in 2019 the cumulative growth of river cargo transportation increased by 19% compared to 2018. Apparently, this year it will not be possible to achieve similar results.

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